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I've had the opportunity to bring my passion and skills to other people's projects.

It's been a delight for me to discuss with clients their ideas and inspirations, and work with them throughout their project, until we come to a design proposal that resembles them,

and answers their needs and desires.

Wedding Menus

Hélène & Michel asked for a personalised collection

of stationary for their wedding. Blue was the colour

of the groom, and the lovely typical French house

was the location of the wedding, but more importantly, the bride's home, where her lifelong partner

would soon be joining her.

Here I suggested a simple yet elegant digitally painted design of the house, with the iconic blue colour

that represented the groom.


Table Numbers

Along with the wedding menus, I went ahead

and designed table number cards in the same style.

The bride and groom asked for a design that would put

in light their guests. So I suggested a pattern design, different for each table, and displaying elements

related to each of their guests.

"Where's Wally"

I made a custom "Where's Wally" as a personal project,

and was quickly asked for a personalised one by clients. 

Named "ouçékelson", meaning 
"where are the rings"

The whole piece is a delightfully chaotic

mix of references to memories and elements

from the clients lives. This was also for a wedding,

so the items to find were two rings

in their jewellery box.

There is half of Big Ben because the bride's

children are all half British, a small lorry with

the groom's own transport company logo,

the groom's two dogs, the Statue of Liberty

because the bride lived in New York,

and many more elements.

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Charlotte Hughes

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